About Covenant OPC


We chose the name Covenant for our congregation because it summarizes who we are. A covenant means a relationship. The most important relationship that any creature can have is with the God who created him Through Jesus!

God has established a special bond between himself and those people who believe His Word. To those people he says, "I will be their God and they will be my people." This promise from the Lord, which is also know as a Covenant, is what fills our lives with meaning and purpose.


What we believe and practice does not come from within ourselves. Nor does our teaching come from some head office in our denomination. We believe that God has spoken to the world through his Son, the Lord Jesus. The message of his Kingdom is preserved for mankind in the Bible.

Just as orthodontists work at making straight teeth (after all, that is what orthodontic means), Orthodox Christians try to live by the straight Word of God found in the Bible. All Christians who want to follow Jesus should have a desire for Orthodoxy.


The Bible explains that the Church is not to be governed by human dictators, nor by popularity contests. God has given the responsibility of leadership to men whom he has equipped with the necessary talents. These men are called elders from the New Testament Greek presbyters.

Each congregation is lead by a group of elders. Elders are accountable to God, to each other and to the other elders within the OPC for the spiritual health of the members of the local church.


The building we meet in is not the church. Although this is a common way for people to use the word, it is all the people of God who are the Church. In the Bible, the word used to describe the Church means the gathered ones.

Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church gathers together each Sunday to worship the living and true God. It is because of God's grace and kindness toward mankind that we can have this relationship with Jesus Christ.

You are invited to come and experience the wonderful goodness of the Lord with us!