Here are some of our regular ministries throughout the year:

Sunday School

Sunday school classes for all ages are offered weekly (Sept-June) immediately following the morning service and fellowship time. Our current children’s curriculum comes from Great Commission Publications, and the adult class has focused on topics such as the origin and transmission of the Bible, the history of the Reformation, and the relationship between Christianity and Islam.

Youth Group

Our high-schoolers meet monthly (Sept-June) for a time of fun, fellowship, and Bible teaching. Currently we are working through an interactive study of the Westminster Shorter Catechism, followed by snacks and games.

Men’s Study

A book study for men takes place on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, meeting at various homes. Books we have studied include Always Ready (Bahnsen), Piety’s Wisdom (Beach), Knowing Christ (Jones), and The Consequences of Ideas (Sproul).

Ladies’ Study

A book study for women takes place on the 4th Wednesday of each month, meeting at the church. Currently the women are studying Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life by Donald Whitney.

Prayer Meeting

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, we gather together at the church for a time of food, fellowship, and prayer (6-8 PM). All are welcome!

Vacation Bible School

Last summer we will embarked upon The Incredible Race, produced by Answers in Genesis. The program ran for one week in July, 9am-Noon, for children ages 5-12. Stay tuned for more details on next year’s VBS!

Meaford Mission

Since June 2017, Pastor Bryan Dage has been serving the saints at Emmanuel OPC in Meaford ON, as an extension of our own congregation. They meet at Meaford Hall, 12 Nelson St. E.  for Lord’s Day worship. Our session supervises this mission work and our congregation joins with them from time to time for fellowship and mutual encouragement.

Foreign Missions

While OPC missionaries are sent out by the denomination as a whole, we at Covenant have particularly close connections to the Westerveld family in Quebec and the Hopp family in Haiti. May the Lord richly bless these important works!