Our Session

We believe our Lord has called and given gifts to certain men to be our ministers, elders, and deacon. (Please see the quotation from our Form of Government, below.) Our ministers and elders have been called to rule in His church as Christ's under-shepherds, and make up the Session of our church.

Our Pastor: John Ferguson
To learn more about Pastor John, visit the Our Pastor page on our site. Pastor John lives in Cold Stream with his wife, Lori.


Ruling Elder: Jim van't Voort
Jim van't Voort serves our congregation as a ruling elder. He lives in Iona Station with his wife, Joanne, and children.


Ruling Elder: Alan Quick
Alan Quick serves as a ruling elder. He lives in Strathroy with his wife, Kathy, and children. Alan also serves on the CHEX Committee of our presbytery.


Ruling Elder: Bill Carson
Bill Carson serves as a ruling elder. He lives in Michigan with his wife, Liz. Bill also serves on the Candidates and Credentials Committee of our presbytery.


Our Deacons

While deacons are not part of the session, they are officers in the church of Jesus Christ. Their ministry is to serve those in need through works of mercy and service.

Deacon: Nathan McLaren
Nathan McLaren serves as one of our deacons. Nathan, his wife Kim, and children live in Strathroy. From time to time Nathan teaches classes on personal finances in connection with Financial Peace University.


Deacon: John MacLennan
John MacLennan serves as our other deacon. John, his wife Rebecca, and children live in London. He also serves on the Hubs-Spokes commmittee of our Presbytery in support of OPC foreign mission work.


From the OPC Form of Government:

"2. Our Lord continues to build his church through the ministry of men whom he calls and endues with special gifts for teaching, ruling, and serving. Some of these special gifts can be most profitably exercised only when those who possess them have been publicly recognized as called of Christ to minister with authority. It is proper to speak of such a publicly recognized function as an office, and to designate men by such scriptural titles of office and calling as evangelist, pastor, teacher, bishop, elder, or deacon. There are diversities of ministry within any office, for every man is called to be a steward of his own gifts. At the same time, a general designation of office may be applied to a group of functions within which separate offices could be distinguished.
3. The ordinary and perpetual offices in the church are those given for the ministry of the Word of God, of rule, and of mercy. Those who share in the rule of the church may be called elders (presbyters), bishops, or church governors. Those who minister in mercy and service are called deacons. Those elders who have been endued and called of Christ to labor also in the Word and teaching are called ministers."